Big data Business Area

Collect Data Analyze

  • Collect Data - Test, Field, Equipment
  • Test Equipment Data
  • Performance Data
    (Engine/Battery/Fuel Cell)

Data Twin

  • Analyze Equipment, Test Cell, Field Data
  • Analyze Meta data of Vehicle & Test Cell
  • Field Data Modeling
  • Test data Validation & Prediction(AI/ML)

Digital Twin

  • Open Platform and Public data Connectivity
  • Data Sharing - Related Industry and Subsidiary
  • Field Data Pattern
    (Utilize Various Driving Pattern & Condition)

Big data - Smart Mobility Value Chain


IIoT & Edge Device – Vehicle Data Logger

Item TeNeT
Use Main Communication Device – Collecting Data and Interface
OS Linux
Processor / Memory ARM-A72 CPU 2.5GHz / 8GB
Ext. Memory 32GB SD Card
Interface UDS, OBD2, TP, GMLAN,BMW(7 Byte) with CAN(FD) / LAN
Measurement 11bit Standard Diagnostic / 29bit CAN Bus monitoring with dbc file / Ext. Trigger input
Wake up CAN signal / Key On
Sensors 1x GPS
Ports 4x USB / 2x CAN / 1x LAN / HDMI ( option, 4x CAN )
Communication WiFi / 4G LTE
Item TeNeT TX08
Use Temperature
Channel / Range 8 ch ( extendable to 32 ch ) / -200 ~1372 Deg C
Communication UART to TeNeT
Item TeNeT AX08
Use Voltage / Analog
Channel / Range 8 ch ( extendable to 32 ch ) / 0 ~ 32V
Communication UART to TeNeT

Test Cell Data Management System - T Mine

  1. Data Integration(Test Cell Data Database with SW Importer)
  2. Data Standardization(Various Test File ASAM standard Format)
  3. Data Time Series Sorting
  4. Easy to access with Simple UI on Web

Mobility Data Lake System - T Data(Test Cell & Field)

  • Realtime data gathering, Transfer and Data Analytics Cloud platform
  • AI/ML ready for Test Cell and Field Data

T Data Dashboard

Vehicle Parameter Dashboard

Various DB Connectivity Heatmap Display

Remote Monitoring & Control System - T Safety